Choosing the Right 3PL Partner for Prime Day

In part one of our Prime Day series, we explored a comprehensive checklist to help sellers prepare for the surge in demand during this major shopping event. Key strategies included stocking up on inventory, offering fast and free shipping, leveraging Amazon’s advertising tools, and partnering with expert third-party logistics (3PL) providers.  

In part two here, we’ll delve into the last item to uncover what makes a 3PL partner successful on one of their clients’ potentially biggest sales events of the year. 

Prime Day Challenges and Opportunities

Prime Day is one of the biggest online shopping events of the year, presenting a massive opportunity for businesses and a significant challenge for 3PL ecommerce fulfillment providers. To meet the surge in demand and ensure a seamless customer experience, an ideal 3PL partner needs meticulous planning and execution. This includes being able to forecast demand, communicate operations with clients, having a well-stocked inventory, and delivering value-added services such as kitting and assembly for an added touch. 

Ahead, we’ll explore what a business should look for in an ideal 3PL partner for Prime Day fulfillment and beyond.

Forecasting Demand and Client Collaboration

By examining past Prime Day performance, seasonal trends, and customer purchase patterns, 3PLs can forecast demand with greater accuracy. Monitoring current market trends and promotional activities further aids in predicting sales spikes. 

Close collaboration with clients is crucial. By understanding their sales projections and inventory needs, 3PLs can align their strategies accordingly. Coordinating promotional efforts and anticipated order volumes ensures everyone is on the same page.

Inventory Readiness

Maintaining adequate stock levels is crucial. 3PLs need to receive and store inventory well in advance to avoid last-minute rushes. Keeping a buffer stock helps manage unexpected demand surges and minimizes the risk of stockouts. 

In the event that Amazon features a client’s product in a Prime Day promotion, you could see a significant spike in orders. To address this, proven 3PL partners like CTL offer real-time dashboards so clients can monitor warehouse operations, order status, and inventory levels.  

These dashboards provide a comprehensive view of the ecommerce fulfillment warehouse process. They also feature automated alerts (for issues like low inventory levels or delayed shipments) that help prompt quick resolutions.

Offering Kitting, Promos, and Other Value-Added Services

If a product is moving quickly on Amazon’s digital shelves, a 3PL can disassemble kits and repackage to meet demand. Meeting demand is paramount, however with the increased orders Prime Day delivers, so too does customer awareness increase for your brand.  

It’s a huge opportunity to make a lasting impression by adding promotional items or special inserts. These types of value-added services can create a “surprise and delight” moment that extends beyond softer metrics like brand loyalty and pay off in the form of high ratings and repeat purchases.

Choosing the Right 3PL Partner

A successful 3PL partner can effectively prepare for the increased demands of Prime Day, ensuring a smooth and efficient warehousing and fulfillment process for your product. With meticulous planning, collaboration, and the right technology, you and your partner can turn Prime Day into a success story.  

If you’re struggling with omni-channel fulfillment needs ahead of Prime Day, contact CTL to learn why we’ve been trusted across the country for over 46 years. You can count on us for a successful Prime Day and beyond. Get started today!

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