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CTL warehouse employees loading packages on conveyor belts


Modern Shelving stocked with brightly colored skincare and health products - CTL

Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) are high-volume products with a high potential for repeat business. We offer solutions from project-based to enterprise that streamline your supply chain and create an efficient, scalable model. As well as the ability to add value added services like kitting, assembly, co-packing, and reworking of products.

Food & Beverage

From prepackaged foods and ready-to-drink (RTD) to raw food items to restaurants, we offer customized solutions to meet your business’s unique fulfillment needs with cold and dry storage, lot tracking, agile supply chain management, and access to our robust inventory management technology.

Health & Beauty

Health and beauty is a fast-paced industry, and our solutions allow you to be agile as the market shifts. We offer end-to-end control over your inventory—climate-controlled warehousing and storage. As well as value added services such as custom packing with multiple SKUs.


Apparel is unique, and so are our custom apparel and accessory fulfillment solutions. We pay attention to the details and use cutting-edge WMS designed to keep your supply chain moving. We handle high SKU complexity, customize unboxing experiences, return management, and inventory tracking.

  • Reverse Logistics & Recalls
  • Retail rollouts

Household Products

Household items are high volume, repeat purchases. We offer end-to-end control over your inventory—climate-controlled warehousing and storage. With agile supply chain management, you are able to meet your customers’ needs.


From climate-controlled cold storage options to scalable dry storage, CTL will work with you to develop the ideal fulfillment plan for your products.

  • Lot Tracking
  • FEFO (First Expired First Out)
  • Temperature Controlled Environments
  • Reverse Logistics & Recalls
  • Retail rollouts
A large wall of assorted gift cards in a retail store - CTL

Card Services

We have industry leading competency and capacity in our 265,000 sq. ft. fulfillment facility to ship gift cards in bulk to businesses of all sizes, from big box retail to small businesses. We support closed and open-loop card fulfillment as we maintain Visa prepaid card standards as a centralized distribution center. Our bulk shipments, transfers, or retail rollouts can be managed via our standard order process or through our automated API connection. We manage retail projects, packouts, and marketing material consolidation for a complete value add gift card solution.

A person unpackaging a DSLR camera from a cardboard box filled with Styrofoam - CTL


From smartphones, laptops, and entertainment systems, these high-value products are handled with care and require specialized fulfillment solutions. We use cutting-edge WMS technology to pick, pack, and ship orders to B2B and DTC, as well as serial tracking to know where your products are at all times.‍

  • Serial Tracking
Dog toys and accessories spread out across the ground - CTL


Our solutions offer solutions for items like pet food, toys, and accessories. We can handle your products, whether it’s in bulk or small parcels. These solutions are designed with reliability in mind for both your customer and their pets.

  • Temperature Controlled Environments
  • Reverse Logistics & Recalls
  • Retail rollouts
An up close shot of a pharmaceutical bottle's expiration date - CTL


We provide you with experience that allows for your specialized products to be stored, packaged, and shipped fast and accurately while maintaining the integrity of your products. As your partner, we can fulfill any type of order from B2B, B2C, and eCommerce. We are FDA-certified and HIPAA-compliant.

  • Lot Tracking
  • FEFO (First Expired First Out)
  • Temperature Controlled Environments
  • Reverse Logistics & Recalls
  • Retail rollouts
  • Locking of products
An aerial view of a fully stocked home goods store - CTL


From wholesale to vendor drop ship to specialty retail solutions, we get your saleable and nonsaleable products to retail. Gain our expertise and relationships with brands to deliver and reach new channels.

  • Wholesale
  • Vendor Drop Ship
  • Efficient EDI management
  • Merchandising
  • Sampling Demo
  • Repair Maintenance
  • New Store Product Launch
An individual packet of dude wipes next to a box of thirty packaged wipes - CTL

Dude Wipes

Started in 2012 by some “Dudes” who lived together in Chicago, Dude Wipes has quickly grown as a retailer selling flushable wipes designed for men. In 2015, they were featured on the hit TV show Shark Tank and were funded by one of the sharks. Today, they are selling their products through various online and offline channels.


Growth in retail distribution

Multiple SKUs

Channels with multiple SKU’s on a daily basis.

Multichannel (B2B/B2C)

Value Added Services

Specialty Retail

Multiple rows of cardboard boxes on a conveyor belt - CTL

Sample Source

Sample Source is a Canadian company that specializes in getting new product in hands of brand influencers for trial, feedback, and amplification. Sample Source was looking for a partner in the US to pick, pack and ship their sample kits.


Shipped to different residences



Value Added Services

Specialty Retail

A man unpackaging a stack of books from a cardboard box - CTL


R.A.I.L.S: Reaching Across Illinois Library System is Inter-Library Loan Program connecting Patrons with thousands of books and media every day.


Books and media items sorted per day


Books and media sorted per year

Local (Chicago)

A white tan and brown pair of women's flats resting on a wooden floor - CTL


RP is an elegant dance brand offering the highest quality dance shoes, accessories, and apparel. RP products are created in Moscow in the grand tradition of Russian craftsmanship.




Multichannel (B2B/B2C)


Value Added Services